Airedale SmartCool™ Inverter Compressor


Product Description


  • Single circuit DX air cooled (16kW – 83kW), with either one single inverter driven compressor or a tandem compressor set
  • Downflow configuration
  • 400V 50Hz / 380V 60Hz
  • 4 case sizes (SV09 – 900mm x 890mm x 1980mm; SV12 – 1200mm x 890mm x 1980mm; SV15 – 1500mm x 890mm x 1980mm; SV18 – 1800mm x 890mm x 1980mm), 2 or 3 DX models in each case size
  • Optimised removable EC fans
  • G4 air filtration
  • Electronic expansion valves (EEV)
  • Oil separator
  • Magni-check discharge non-return valves
  • Full 360° unit access


  • High capacity compressors for ‘extreme temperature’ applications and standard capacity compressors for ‘standard temperature’ applications
  • Segregated evaporator coil allows dehumidification whilst maintain cooling capacity and operating under constant pressure control
  • Single power supply with ultracap module
  • Dual power supply including ultracap module
  • F7 air filtration
  • PGD touch display
  • Upgraded EC fan for high external static pressure applications


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