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About Us

Cassar Air-Conditioning Systems Ltd. is one of the leading firms in H.V.A.C. in Malta. The Company has been founded in 1996 by Alfred Cassar and his sons David and Silvio Cassar. Its Management in the field of refrigeration is backed up by 40 Years of experience in both Domestic and Industrial sectors.

The company is well known for its prompt after sales service whereby the clients are offered with a professional and technical expertise.

Our main brands are Chigo and Ferroli.

We supply, install and commission:

  1. Closed Control Units
  2. CMV-VRF Systems
  3. Domestic and Commercial Air-Conditioners
  4. Air-Curtains
  5. Electronic Air Filtration Systems
  6. Ventilation Systems
  7. Central Heating Systems

The Company also provides:

  1. Dehumidifiers
  2. Wine Coolers
  3. Upright Coolers
  4. Upright Freezers
  5. Electric Water Heaters
  6. Gas Water Heaters
  7. BBQs
  8. Mini Ovens
  9. Gas Room Heaters

We keep stock of spare parts for our products and also provide maintenance agreements on any of the above mentioned equipment.