airdale smartcool

Airedale SmartCool™


Product Description


  • R410A
  • Single or dual circuit featuring: DX air cooled (16kW – 140kW); DX air cooled with chilled water (16 – 127kW), DX water cooled (60kW – 127kW); DX water cooled with glycol free-cooling (60 – 127kW); Chilled water (11kW – 233kW)
  • Downflow configuration
  • Up to 4 stages of tandem scroll compressor DX cooling
  • Direct drive, speed controllable EC fans
  • SD range features EC fans in floor void to make full use of height of the unit
  • SN/SR units (11-90kW) use innovative V-frame heat exchanger arrangement
  • Integrated with a colour touchscreen user interface, Vu™


  • Automatic adjustment of air volume
  • High efficiency de-humidification
  • Low ambient cooling kit for temperatures down to -32˚C
  • Extra low ambient cooling kit for temperatures down to -40˚C
  • Smart hydronics kit
  • Electronic expansion valves for up to 30% increase in system efficiency
  • Thyristor-controlled electric heating for precise control
  • Suction throttle valve technology for variable capacity
  • Dual power supply for redundancy and flexibility
  • EC fans as standard

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