Valsir Under Floor Heating

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To deliver all-round solutions for market heating requirements, Valsir has devised four different packages to meet four different system needs.

A system designed for applications in residential buildings (flats, detached houses, etc.), which is so versatile that can also be installed in offices or places of worship.

A system with a smooth, lowered panel paired with a 14×2 pipe, to reduce the actual laying height to 80-90 mm.This is an extremely good solution for buildings that are being restored or for applications where the floor laying height is restricted.

This system uses a smooth panel with excellent compressive strength considering the major loads normally withstood by industrial and commercial flooring.The pipe can also be laid on insulating cast concrete using clips paired to metal mesh.

Valsir has developed this system to melt snow and ice on ramps, car parks, helidecks, sports’ fields, etc.The pipe is laid above insulating cast concrete or on an insulating panel.Hot water is conveyed through the pipe to heat the ground or footing and melt snow and ice.

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