Product Description

The PRO LIFE series is a synonym of hygiene, prevention and comfort. It represents the new reference point of Expansion Electronic for air treatment in civil and professional environments. PRO LIFE stands out for its harmonic design, compact dimensions and high filtration efficiency. For being extremely noiseless and very easy to move from a place to another, the 50p and 170r models satisfy in every respect the needs and demands of an exacting audience. The model 50p can be used on a support, while the 170r is a portable wheeled model. They are both available in an aluminium structure.

Both models of the PRO LIFE series function with three different speed levels and are available in the AFC System, Nature System and Basic System versions.

Models: 170r



170r model – technical data

Capacity 300 – 1200 mc/h
Consumption 125 W
Dimensions 840x468x303 mm
Maximum noise 38-51 dBA
Weight 30 kg
Efficiency 86-99 %
Power supply 230 V – 50 Hz



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